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SeniorLiving.org was created to solve an important problem that affects many families across our great country – our founder was taking care of a family member remotely, and that was proving to be very difficult for many reasons and frustration was setting in. My father had an unfortunate stroke, and a day before his release from the hospital I had to quickly find a caregiver to ensure that he could be properly taken care of once returning home. So I frantically searched and found dozens of websites that seem to be more profit-focused rather than putting senior’s care first, and that saddened and agitated me to no end. It was apparent to me that a website had to built so that seniors could get the high-quality care they needed from family and friend caregivers, and beyond. 

From the beginning, our mission was to aggregate the most extensive collection of senior living resources ever compiled so that seniors from across the country could be efficiently and effectively cared for. 
Our journey began in 2006, and we are proud to say that our website now has more photos, reviews, and senior care content than any other website found online. In 2009, I acquired SeniorLiving.org which had been live since 1999, to publish a deep array of information that immediately empowered caregivers to help their family members and friends out via articles that were professionally written by experts in the specialized field of senior care. Our caregiving content continues to be written by industry-renowned senior living experts, and stats and information references come directly from government websites to ensure accuracy and credibility.

SeniorLiving.org is Different Than the Other Senior Care Websites Because: 

  • Our website has always been a family owned and operated website, has no corporate biases, and is laser-focused on consistently providing the highest caliber of senior living information and content. 
  • We are deeply rooted in the senior care community and collaborate with many of the top senior care experts to ensure our website’s articles are relevant, forward-thinking, informative, and helpful. 
  • We actively update our website so that all information is fresh and practical for today’s senior living. We provide the means for any care provider to be able to list their beneficial services complete with images, cost details, and full contact information. We don’t limit care providers with regards to what they can communicate to our website visitors about the value they provide. 
  • Our senior care database continues to grow and be updated on a daily basis, and we include every possible independent living to hospice option from coast to coast. We also aggregate and standardize information from hundreds of sources. 
  • We don’t allow advertising or promotional material on our website, and don’t favor one service provider over another – we aim to be fair, trustworthy, and completely unbiased. It should be noted that we do sell senior care service data sets, but have never and will never sell any of our user’s data – everything is strictly confidential and protected.
  • We cater to people who have specific needs – we have segmented our data to compile targeted lists for those who are looking for religious senior care or corporate senior care. We also take pride in creating infographics including our guide to the cost of assisted living so that people can easily digest important data in a modern way. 

Thanks for being here, we are extremely proud of what we have built over the past 20+ years at SeniorLiving.org and what we have evolved into today, and honored to have helped so many seniors and caregivers along the way. 

With Love, 

The SeniorLiving.org Team

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