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Our core goal is to provide accurate and up-to-date senior living resources so that seniors, caregivers, loved ones, and medical professionals can easily access whatever information they need. Some of the main information that we provide and regularly update includes senior housing, senior care facilities, and all types of retirement communities – while making ourselves available to help you find the best senior services that are local to your area.

Call our Senior Helpline

Senior living can be a challenging topic to navigate, we totally understand, so if you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed, we invite and encourage you to call our senior living helpline where an expert advisor will be happy to take your call and assist you as needed. 


Senior living services are our primary focus and we want to be helpful to anyone who reaches out to us, it’s our ongoing mandate. Whether you are a senior citizen, a son or daughter of one, a friend of one, or even a neighbor to one, then connect with us at (866) 901-4858. We also provide support to senior caregivers and medical home health aides as well thanks to our vast depth of experience and knowledge in senior living services. 

Senior Living Helpline Questions

You have questions with regards to senior housing or services for seniors, and we have the answers you need so you can make important life decisions for either yourself or your loved one(s) – all it takes is simply calling our senior care helpline at (866) 901-4858.

We can assist you with many types of questions that you may have including but not limited to: 


  • Is senior housing the right fit for me or my loved one(s) at this time? 

  • How do I go about finding appropriate senior housing in my local area? 

  • What does the process look like for getting on a waiting list for affordable senior housing in my local area? 

  • What are the costs involved with living in a retirement community within my particular state? 

  • Is there a minimum age that a person needs to be in order to move into a senior apartment? 

  • I love my pet but also want to move into a nursing home, are there any that allow seniors to keep their pet with them? 

  • Regarding memory care facilities, what do I need to do to be able to move into one? 

  • My community has a few churches in it, but do any of them offer senior care services? 


These are just some of the questions that we have fielded in the past and can help you with one of these or any others that relate to senior living when you call into our helpline. You will be greeted by a friendly voice on the other end of the line, and he or she will assist you as needed.

Comprehensive Database of Senior Services

Our senior care resources database is extensive, so much so that we have a complete set of listings for every senior housing facility in the United States. Our database is updated on an ongoing basis and a new addition is made when a new facility is opened. No matter if your search is tailored towards luxury senior living, a senior apartment that specializes in university senior care, assisted living services, or memory care housing, we have the detailed information that you need. Or if you or your loved one(s) is a retired veteran and needs a veteran senior home, requires specialized senior care of some kind, or denominational senior housing is the focus, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


Our senior helpline is readily open for senior care conversations at (866) 901-4858, and our experts are great at recommending excellent options that make sense for your particular situation today. If there is an answer that our experts don’t know, then they will take the time to track down senior services or other resources as needed for you. You may have big decisions to make regarding senior care, and you can count on us to be a trusted voice to help either yourself, a loved one, or a client of yours with the research process. 

Make the Toll-Free Call and Enjoy Our Completely Free Service

Our senior hotline at (866) 901-4858 is a free call to make no matter where you may reside, and the advice you receive is complimentary – no matter what kind of senior service information you need, we will never charge you for it, it’s our pleasure to help you free of charge. Plus we have no bias, so you won’t be pressured to choose one senior care corporation or residency program over another one – we are proud to be an independent senior living information service. 


Every call we receive is unique and we treat them as such with no judgment, objectivity, and take a neutral position with regards to providers on our website. Our end-goal is to provide you with the information and the options you need to help you make an educated and informed decision with regards to senior care services. We want all seniors to live their lives to the fullest in their golden years, and our website and helpline have been designed to accomplish that goal. 


Our senior care experts are standing by to take your call on a daily basis, dial (866) 901-4858 between the hours of 4 am to 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time, or send us an email at help@seniorliving.org for senior living information. You can also be rest assured that all information is kept strictly confidential, so you can feel completely at ease with being open, transparent, and honest with our experts. 


Please note that SeniorLiving.org specializes in providing information with regards to senior living resources. We provide various pieces of information and data including company profiles, contact details, and reviews of senior housing and senior care facilities that are located inside of the United States. We DO NOT offer medical, financial, legal, or emergency type of information. Please call 911 if you have a medical emergency.

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