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At Senior Financial we strive to bring you the best possible arrangements for personalized Senior Care, for you or your loved ones.

Home Care

In Home Care

Most In Home Care is done by family or relatives, but almost a third is handled by hired, professional caregivers. Learn about your options, where to find and what you can expect to pay for this level of care.

nursing care

Nursing Care

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF's) are specifically for seniors that need 24-hour nursing care. Onsite medical staff is what sets them appart from other senior housing options. Learn more here.

Senior Day Care

These centers promote well-being through a number of social and health related services. They often provide meals, activities, and support with activities of daily living. Learn more here, as costs vary depending on amenities and location.

Home Health Care

Not sure if using this one, or In Home Care above

Dementia Care

Also known as Alzheimer’s Care, are housing communities that are specifically setup to care for someone with demantia, or Alzheimer's, even if only in the early stages.

Respite Care (Short Term)

Respite care is a short term option, designed to give temporary relief for caregives who are responsible for a seniors regular care servies. This form of care is specifically catered to the person's individual needs.

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