Senior Cruises - Are You Ready?

Many retirees reach retirement age without ever having done much traveling. The reasons are many, either too much work, not enough money, or they preferred to be “arm-chair travelers”.

 Traveling is not for everyone, but as a senior you most likely have a good bit more time on your hands. Most people have wanted to do more traveling in throughout their lives and now is your opportunity!

 Cruises one of many different ways to travel, but for seniors they can be especially good. Read below to learn more.

 Why Cruise As A Senior?

Cruise are attractive to most seniors, because they really are all-inclusive. Once you step aboard, you not only have a private room, but access to a multitude of activities, many choices for every meal (and ongoing snacks) – and most cruises dock at exciting ports of call every other day or so, allowing you to take in new and exciting sights.


The BIG difference with a cruise, is that unlike having to worry about making reservations for rental cars, meals and places to stay – everything is already there, on the boat and just waiting for you to enjoy. Its that convience that is super convenient for most seniors.


Another great benefit of cruises is they are a great way to create a trip with friends. For many seniors, especially if single, this can be a great way to find new social interaction and companionship. Conversely, if you want to arrange a trip with a group of friends, cruises are perfect and you’ll always have someone around that you know!

Senior Tips For Cruises

 If taking a cruise is something that you’re set on, here are some of the considerations to take into account:

Where To Go?:

Many people that dream of a cruise vacation have no idea of where they actually want to go. To greatly increase your enjoyment on the trip, do a little research beforehand. Get online and read reviews of different cruises you think you might be interested in. Not all cruise line companies are created equal. Also, speaking to a travel agent, who specializes in cruises can be another great option to assist in formulating the best place to take your cruise vacation.

 Discover the best cruise boat size for you!:  After you’ve decided where you want to go, you’ll next want to decide the size of cruise ship you want to vacation on. There are many cruise boats that can hold in excess of 4,000 passengers, while some European river cruises are much more intimate at under a 150 passengers – those are vast differences in boat sizes and ultimately the type of experience you can expect from each.

Larger cruise ships will usually have more amenities, but keep in mind that you’ll also be sharing them with a lot more passengers! Keep this important fact in mind, we you finalize your plans. 


Cruise Boat Senior Discounts:  

Regardless of how you’re booking your cruise, ask if they offer senior discounts! There are a lot of cruise options out their and between AARP and your travel insurance, you should be able to save money on available discounts. Don’t be afraid to ask, as with many things in life – you’ll never know, if you don’t ask.

Get Travel Insurance!:

Paying for a vacation (air fare, cruise trips, boarding, meals, etc.) is expense and should ultimately be thought of as an investment. As with many things, the unexpected can and frequently does happen! Protect your “vacation investment” with good travel insurance, which kicks in if you have an unforeseen injury or illness on your trip – or even before you leave. 

Pace yourself!:

If you’re like most travelers, there is almost always the tendency to try to do and see as much as possible. Although it can be a bit frenetic, this can actually work when you’re in your 20’s & 30’s. As we age, travel (as with many things that add extra stress to our regular, daily routines), usually becomes a bit more difficult and its a easier to burn out and feel totally exhausted at the end of the day. Learn to pace yourself, stay hydrated, take frequent breaks and keep your blood sugar levels up. If you have a medical condition, play it safe and consult with your doctor before booking, to make sure that what you’re planning is ok and advised for your condition.   

Final Thoughts:  

You might also consider researching cruises that cater solely to seniors. Given this ever growing demographics there are more and more of these being offered every year. Regardless of what you choose, never forget that having fun is the #1 priority! You’ve earned it!

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