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Independent Living

Independent Senior Living

Are you looking for the the conveniences of senior community living? There are a range of Independent living communites, which are designed for seniors looking for a lifestyle full of educational, recreational and social opportunities.

55+ Communities

These communities all have an age restriction for residence and can range from apartments, condos to single family homes in a gated environment. They frequently have amenities such as fitness centers, club houses, pools, spas, golf courses and much more.

Assisted Living

Senior Assisted Living

Assisted Living Communities (ALF's) are often in an apartment type of setting and provide assistance with daily activites, usually with some level of healthcare. They can be a stand alone community, a nursing home, or and addition to an indepentent living community.

Our Complete Guide to Senior Housing

You and your loved ones deserve the best. However, choosing the best housing options isn’t always easy. This guide to senior housing will help you understand your options for elder care. Additionally, it can prepare you for what will occur when you make the choice to go into a senior housing facility.

Housing for seniors can be a complex issue. With so many features to consider, finding the right fit can seem overwhelming. Making the right choice for housing means understanding all types of options. For some, a 55+ community is the best option. Others might prefer an assisted living facility. There are key differences between the many types of facilities. By understanding what each facility has to offer, you can make a better, more educated decision.

low income senior housing

Low Income Senior Housing

Upon retirement, many seniors are not financially prepared. Thankfully there are several HUD-sponsored programs to support, with programs for rent assitance, home ownership and a number of assistant services.

senio rliving communities

Continuing Care
Retirement Communities

Known as CCRC's normally offer "until end of life" guarantees of housing, activites and increases in healthcare, as the members' needs change. There are many different setups, learn more here.

Nursing Homes

The Modern replacements of either a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), or Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) are almost incompariable to the past. Many institutions offer both levels of care under one roof. Learn about their similarities and differences here.

There are many misconceptions about senior housing options. Likewise, there are many unanswered questions. You don’t need to be in the dark. Instead, you deserve to have all the information you require, to make decisions about the future of your family.

It’s never easy deciding to put a family member into senior housing. However, it could be the best decision for everyone involved. When you take the time to find the right facility, you ensure that the future of you or your loved one, is in good hands.

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